Work, green bags, and hope for the hard drive, yay!

May 28, 2008 at 8:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Woooooork! Crimony, this week has sucked. Sound & Video Contractor, my most technical title, is launching its redesign this week. Months of planning, approvals, tweaks, blood, sweat, and tears, and I have to say it’s my best redesign yet. A lot rides on this premier issue — not only as a show piece for our sales staff, but also for entry into design awards that have eluded me as of late. Here’s the tricky part — normally this book is about 80 pages, but this month, because of all the redesign buzz and an upcoming tradeshow, it’s 140 pages. We had to scramble to find more pages to add, I had to expand every story as long as it would go, and put in twice as much work laying out twice as many pages, all taking care that everything was perfect for this special issue. Tomorrow we ship, and tonight (at 5, of course) we found out 3 ads dropped out, and we had to go down 4 pages! Aaaaaagh! So I had to go back, figure out how best to do that with minimal changes, renumber every page in the book (which was completely done), and restructure a couple of stories. Not. Fun. Tomorrow my poor editors have to send the whole book to the printer all in one day, which means painstakingly reading and re-reading proofs to catch any mistakes. And we can’t push back our deadline at all because the book has to make it to the big tradeshow. And in the midst of all this, we’ve had to work on two other magazines, as well. Aaaaa, magazine publishing at its finest!

Next week, when I’m finally done with this madness, I plan on adding lots more layouts to my website. Covers and spreads for Ironman and Indiana Jones turned out particularly well, so I plan to add them.

In other news, I recently ordered Green Bags, whose commercial I saw on TV. So far they’ve worked wonderfully. I plan on hitting the farmer’s market every Saturday this summer to stock up on fresh produce. My diet’s been lacking lately, and it’s time I shaped up.

And, there’s hope for my hard drive, yay! Weeks ago my external hard drive went on the fritz, and I lost countless photos and MP3s. My good friends Candi and Ted came to the rescue, offering to see what they could make of the mess with their computer expertise. We’re in the data recovery process now, and the prognosis looks good. Here’s hoping!

One last note: I just finished reading I am Legend, a Richard Matheson sci-fi book about vampires I’ve been wanting to read for awhile now. Fascinating book, detailing the daily minutia of living your life and surviving in a world populated by vampires. The ending was a real thinker, and from what I understand, completely different from the recent Will Smith movie. I love Matheson’s writing style — reminds me a bit of Phillip K. Dick, another of my favs in that genre.


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  1. The first movie based on I Am Legend is Omega Man with Charleton Heston. Apparently, it follows the book more closely than the Will Smith fiasco.

    Also, let me know how the green bags go. I’ve been curious about them.


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