On the Job Front

June 3, 2008 at 8:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

So it turns out my complainings about moving to China were mostly moot — James was certain they would open positions in Asia this spring, but it’s neigh on summer, and nothing yet. And the few positions they did post were at a level too high for him to apply. And, he’s not so sure he’d get them if he were able to apply. So, yay for not having to move to China!

James does have two applications out for positions in DC, both essentially the same job in the fraud unit, and both go up to GS14, which would pay very well. He applied for one back in February, and all we know now is that he made it on the list. He heard through the grapevine that they haven’t filled it yet, but we’re hoping to know by the end of the summer. The other he just applied for in May, so it could be several months before we hear anything on that.

In better news, he just applied for another job in Lee’s Summit at some place called The Cave. It’s an investigative job, requiring top secret clearance, and he’d be doing research in conjunction with FBI, CIA, and other acronymed agencies. He’s got a good chance of getting it, and while I’m not counting on it, there’s a chance he might like this job enough to want to stay in KC. Probably not, but there’s a sliver of hope there. And barring that, it could at least tide him over so he doesn’t feel compelled to take the first job in DC he gets. I’d really like to stay at least until Evie’s first birthday. (Course, if we move before then, I’ll definitely be flying back for it!)



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  1. DC! DC!

    I’m selfish…my vote is for DC.

  2. KC! KC!

    We love you in KC! Who else can I eat mushroom burgers with and do weird yoga poses with?! If not for me, then stay for that cute niece!

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