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Candi and I went to see David Sedaris speak at Rainy Day Books last night, and as was predicted, the place was mobbed. We got there about a half hour early and stood in the “casual signing” line, but of course he never got all the way through that. The reading was hilariously amusing, both because of the content and the setting. Because of his contract, he was required to speak inside the store. However, there were at least few hundred people there, so all of us stood out in the parking lot while his voice was piped out through a PA system. He was just inside the entrance, behind the glass, with all of us goggling him from outside. He said he felt like one of those puppies in the pet store window, lol. He was only supposed to speak for 15 minutes, but to our delight, instead he read quite a bit from his book and his own diary. How am I not surprised that even David Sedaris’s diary is eloquent and funny? I love how he can find amusement from even the most mundane. I can’t wait to read the new book When You Are Engulfed in Flames.

After the talk, they started calling in groups of people by their numbers to get autographs. We were in the 250s, and by 8:30, they were only to 150, so we decided to skip it and go to dinner at Hibachi. On a whim, after dinner we popped back by, and amazingly they were just getting to our number as we walked up to the door. In line for another hour, we snaked through the bookstore, and as we slowly approached David, I thought about what I’d say to him. The gal who owns the bookstore came by and told us he’s notorious for chit chatting with fans, hence the slow lines, so I thought it’d be fun to bring up something I found interesting about one of his diary entries. He said while he listens to himself on the radio, he has a pillow over his head, like he’s embarrassed to hear his own voice. I was going to tell him how delighted I am every time one of his segments comes on NPR, and cool it is that’s got this gig. But of course, I totally froze up when I saw him, and instead blathered on about my job, and myself, and something about getting a t-shirt signed my Carlos Mencia once, who David had never even heard of. By the end, I’m sure he was thinking, “Ooookay, next?” I felt like Ralphie on Santa’s lap, blathering on about a fooootball. So I ended up with a kind of lame autograph that says, “Amanda, you’ll always have magazines.” But whatever, I got to meet (and annoy) David Sedaris, woo hoo!


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