TV — watch for spoilers!

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Summer is usually a dry time for the tube, but between my obsessive Friday-night Sci-Fi channel vigil, and a few shows I’ve acquired on DVD, I’ve managed to find enough to tide me over until the fall. Top on my list, Battlestar Galactica, which just finished its mid-season finale last week. (SPOILER ALERTS NEXT!!). While I thought this season was a bit hit or miss — started out with a bang, the story slowed to a crawl, but then then picked up again at the end — the last two episodes paid off big time. They found Earth, woo-hoo! But what they found was a Planet-of-the-Apes-esque landscape, a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. The cylons and humans have finally united, and in 11 more episodes that are tragically not airing until early 2009, we’ll see how the story culminates. I can’t wait!!

A few weeks ago I bought Dr. Who Season One, with Christopher Eccelston as the title character. I started taping this show (in it’s third season, I believe) after BSG on Fri. nights because Jill and Doug are wild about it, and I thought they were sort of hit or miss. David Tenant is the new Dr. Who, and I couldn’t quite get his part in Harry Potter as Barty Crouch’s maniacal son out of my head. However, I like Season One tremendously, and I need to track down a copy of Torchwood, a spin-off with Captain Jack, and another that Jill and Doug are wild about. I’ll also be on the lookout for Season Two, where David Tenant first takes over the role, but Rose is still his sidekick (I like her loads better than any of the others I’ve seen.)

Also on our DVD stack, Dexter, a Showtime series we just started watching this week. It stars Michael C. Hall, who I recognized from another of my fav shows Six Feet Under. He’s a blood spatter specialist for the Miami PD, but secretly he’s a serial killer who disposes of criminals who are undeniably guilty, but manage to get off. So far we’re both riveted.

In July James and I will be glued to USA for the return of Burn Notice, our favorite show from last summer. Another USA hit we’ve recently gotten into, In Plain Sight, which isn’t quite as good as Burn Notice, but still very fun. Now, if I could just find out when HBO’s Big Love is returning, my summer TV mecca would be complete. I have a feeling the writer’s strike fouled up some of the summer scheduling. Sighhh…


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