Hope for KC

June 22, 2008 at 4:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Last week James met with his old boss from his last job here — a guy he really connected with and has kept touch with all these years. This old boss has risen through the ranks, so he knows the ins and outs at the ol’ INS. James was seeking advice — his job has become more miserable with each passing day, and he wondered if there was something else he could be doing to get the hell out of there. Turns out there might be. According to the old boss, some openings for temporary supervisors in the Lee’s Summit office posted a few months ago at GS13, but because they had so few applications, they’re going to repost those jobs again soon. James is a GS12, so he couldn’t apply for them before, but they may post them at GS12 so they can get more people to apply. If that’s the case, we think James would have a good shot at it. It’s a two-year position, and at the end of the two years James will have a job guaranteed back in fraud (though, knowing him he’ll have found something else by then.) James likes this idea so much, he even suggested if it all works out, we should stay here awhile, and start house hunting. Yay! I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but it would be nice to have some stability right now. I’m tired of living in crappy rentals, and I know we could afford a much nicer place here than we can in DC.

James also found out that they filled one of the DC positions he had put in for back in February. That leaves one more application out, and judging from the time it took to fill the last one, we should know one way or the other by September. There’s a chance he could get this job, but because he didn’t even get an interview with the last one, we’re not holding our breath. Unless something else comes along, we think this supervisor thing would be our best bet. For now, anyway — I’m sure DC will creep up on us again in the future. But with any luck, we’ll have equity in a house, and we can afford to live more comfortably there than we did before. Here’s hoping.


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