Cloverfield Party!

June 28, 2008 at 6:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Last night I had the Hench Aussie and Jess over for a Cloverfield dinner party. We made “Flattened New Yorker” mushroom burgers, “Dismembered” chicken fingers with ketchup blood, and “Brains and Eyeballs” pasta salad. Then we topped it off with 88 Calorie Brownies (Alien Sludge Fudge, maybe?), compliments of Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog. Surprisingly rich, and totally delicious!

Then we watched the movie in all it’s BluRay glory on the giant TV. And it was awesome. Jessaca cowered on the recliner, eyes half covered 🙂 I caught lots this time around I missed in the theater, including the infamous shot of the alien falling into the water at Coney Island. We discovered in the Special Features that you can watch the whole movie in “Special Investigation” mode, where they include a map of Manhattan that shows where the characters are in relation to where the monster is. And along the bottom it pops up interesting trivia about the characters, dialog, and whatnot. Might have to watch it again soon — perhaps those pop ups will give more insight. Not that I need it — what I loved about this film was how much wasn’t explained.


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