Babysitting is fuuuuunnn

June 30, 2008 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Got to babysit Evie again on Saturday. Had to get there entirely too early (but I’m sure it didn’t seem early to Doug and Jill. Evie gets up as early as 5:30 AM, yikes!), so I was ready for a nap when she was at 10, lol. Jill left her in her jammies, so I got to dress her. So I’m going through her drawers, mixing and matching, feeling like I’m playing dolls again. I finally get her dressed, sit her up, and totally cracked myself up: her outfit matched mine! Little cropped blue jeans, white top. Totally subconscious. We played for awhile, had a little nap at 10 with minimal fuss, had some lunch at noon, and then I decided to take her for a walk. I found these shoes in the closet that looked new. I know, why does a 10-month-old who’s not even walking need shoes? I just like to put stuff on her and take stuff off, ok? So I put these cute little pink hiking shoes on her, as best I can (I think this takes practice) get her in the stroller, and take off down the street. She’s babbling and kicking, kicking and babbling. And next thing I know, she’s practically got the left shoe off already. Guess they were a little big, and all it took was one good tug at the toe. Gotta watch this one.

Our afternoon was a little more challenging. She’s less keen on that afternoon nap, so it took some rocking, singing (I think I’m the only one who sings to her, so she perks up at that), holding-while-she’s-squirming, and finally, she drifts off. I go to put her in the crib and…ouch, face plant right into the mattress. She only woke up for a second before settling down again, despite my butterfingers. Afternoons/evenings are her “cranky time”, but thankfully Jill came home and seemed to know how to cheer her up some. We took her to the park and pushed her on the swings — and took tons of pictures because this was her first trip to the park. But eventually the crankiness won, and Jill and I had to head back to her house.

I’ll be back again on July 12, and I think I’ve convinced James to come up at lunchtime. He always sees her at “cranky time”, so he doesn’t seem to believe me when I go on about how cute she is. She’s usually really shy around him, to boot, so he’s convinced she doesn’t like him. I’m hoping we can prove otherwise.


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