Evie said “Auntie”!

July 20, 2008 at 12:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Or, at least I think she did. Her vocab has expanded to include Thank You (tank-oo), dog, daddy, and various baby babble. Jill and I took her to the pool on Thursday, and while passing her back and forth between us, I said, “Say, Auntie!” and what came out resembled “nn-tee!” Jill was skeptical, but I think she’s a little disappointed Evie hasn’t said Mommy yet. No worries, whenever Jill’s around we know she’s Evie’s favorite.

Evie took well to the pool — a good sign, since neither Jill nor I really cared for swimming as kids. She learned the hard way not to drink the water (sputter, bleh!), and she managed to dip her face under inadvertently a couple of times, but she shook it off pretty well.

Jill managed to tighten the straps a bit on her baby bike trailer, and Evie fits snug now. She took her for a spin the other morning, and Evie loved it. If it’s not too hot this weekend, I might be able to talk her into going for a spin. Saturday is my last day for babysitting, and I’m hoping I can talk James into coming up at lunchtime. I’ll be taking lots of pics, and I plan on sharing them sometime the week after. So far they’ve come out very cute, but we’ve come to expect that 😉


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