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August 3, 2008 at 8:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

All is well, but we’ve had a bit of a scare today. Jill had to have emergency surgery on her kidney today, but all went well and she seems to be doing fine. Her hubby, Doug, did a great job keeping us all updated on her condition, and it looks like they’ll be keeping her overnight and discharging her tomorrow. Ordinarily a kidney stone, while painful, wouldn’t warrant surgery, but we were all very surprised to learn that Jill has only one kidney! We’re a little unclear if she was born that way or something happened in her early childhood to make one fail and get, I guess, reabsorbed? Anyways, with only one working kidney, things were more serious. Sounds like they’ve fixed her all up, gotten the kidney stone out, and she’ll hopefully be good as new soon.

In other news, James found yet another job in DC, this one with the training division of the Fraud Department at Headquarters, which would suit him well. He just spent a few days in NYC this past week conducting a presentation/training class, and he really enjoyed it. He’ll be going to Atlanta in a couple of weeks (while I’m in LA) to do another one, and they’ve got him tentatively scheduled for two more in the fall. He’s such a fast learner and good speaker, this sort of a job might be the right fit he’s been endlessly searching for. So that brings the tally up to five job applications out to DC, and two in KC. I’m working on preparing myself for the idea of moving — while it’s not ideal right now, I’m sure we could make it work. As much as I love it here in KC, there truly are some things I miss about living in DC, so I would have some things to look forward to. I’m just crossing my fingers the timing all works out. Ideally I’d like to stay here through February — I really like my doctor, I’ve got my hospital all picked out, and I’ve got tons of family nearby to help me out when I’ll most need it. James was able to put off his NYC job for almost two months so we could get married, so I would think they’d grant him the same or better leniency for our first born. Here’s hoping.



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  1. DC! DC! DC!

    OK. I’m biased. LOL. but I promise to help out with new offspring and even offer my babysitting know-how (LOL…my 1 time i’ve done it the kid lived!). And who knows maybe by the time you guys move here I’ll have one on the way too! : D

    • Re: DC! DC! DC!

      That would be awesome. So far you and Royce are numero uno on my list of “pros” for moving back to DC. And it would be very fun to have a friend to do some mommy stuff with, yay!

  2. KC, KC, KC!!!!

    Hey, you have mommy friends in Kansas City too… don’t forget that.


    • Re: KC, KC, KC!!!!

      Oh, don’t you worry — lots of props to my KC mommy friends who have supplied me with a closetful of maternity wear, recommended the best doctors and hospitals, and given me great advice about what I can expect (better than any books, in fact). So, thank you bunches, Candi, Maggie, Jill, Ann, Stephanie, Carli, Julie P., and anyone else I might only be forgetting because I’ve had a pregnancy brain fart 🙂

  3. Jill’s Kidney

    Glad all is well. Your mother’s cousin, mine too, Mike had a kidney just stop around age 25.

    Cousin Bruce

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