A good trade, fun with the niece, and kudos for James

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Thursday I went in for a much needed prenatal massage. It felt sooo good after all of my hectic work travelings. And as much as I’ve been complaining about my workload, I managed to pick up another freelance gig. But this will be worth it. My massage therapist wants a new logo and some brochures, and we worked out a trade. Design work for massages. Sounds good to me!

I spent the rest of the afternoon with Jill and Evie. Evie’s getting in some new teeth, so she was all drooly and runny-nosed. And not in a very good mood. But we managed ok. We had lunch at Nick and Jake’s in Northland where we both had the most awesome Kobe beef burgers. There’s one down south, as well, so I think I’m going to set a lunch outing to try them again. I might have to rearrange my top 10 burger list yet again!

James got back from Atlanta last Saturday, and apparently his training session went very well. He was the only presenter to get applauded, and all of his feedback forms were positive. He did so well that the people running the show sent an email to the uppity ups to praise his talents. We’re hoping this bodes well for the job he recently applied for in DC — it was for a training position, and he’s taken so much to this, I think he’d really enjoy it.

Some news on the job front. One of the positions he applied for in DC has been filled. And he has an interview on Wednesday for the supervisor position in the Lee’s Summit office. He’s made it on the list for three other positions in DC. So the ball is rolling, ever so slowly.


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