Aaaaaaand, coming out of left field…

August 26, 2008 at 5:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So it begins. James has a phone interview for a job in Fairfax, VA, next Thursday. And it’s for a job we totally forgot he applied for! He didn’t even get notification that he’d made it on the list. It’s in the fraud unit, but he’d be traveling (daily, not overnight) and conducting interviews, which is the thing he misses doing the most. He’s promised that we can still live in Silver Spring, even though it would mean an hour+ commute for him. He loves the train. I’m sure he’d do fine.

Of course, that’s assuming he gets the job. We can’t assume anything anymore — he used to get these things like they were falling from trees, but the jobs are harder to attain for him at this level. So we’ll see what happens. He still has an interview tomorrow for the job in LS, which he’ll likely get. And this DC job will likely take another month or so to come to fruition, one way or the other. I do know one thing — barring any bad or unexpected news at next Wednesday’s ultrasound, he is intent on taking it if they offer him anything. And deep down I know it would be better to move in the next couple months while I can still pick a new doc, hospital, and travel in reasonable comfort.

Why, oh, why, do we always choose to do everything the hard way?


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