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I hate to admit it, but this new Dyson totally rocks. With various coupons and discounts we get at Best Buy, we managed to get $100 knocked off the hefty price, which eased my mind a bit. The one we got has a swivel ball instead of traditional wheels, so instead of vacuuming back and forth, you can use it more like a lawn mower, up one side and down the other. And it corners around things we never could before. When we got it home, James vacuumed the whole house by himself in about 15 minutes. James, who never, ever vacuums. Yeah, this thing was worth every penny.

Saturday afternoon, James’s dad drove up from Springfield to spend the holiday weekend with us. We took him to one of his favorite dinner spots, Thai Place, Saturday night. Then we tried him out on Korma Sutra for lunch the next day, which was a beeeeg hit. We spent Sunday at the WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial, probably the best museum KC has to offer these days. Even sprung for the ticket to ride to the top of the Liberty Memorial tower. Then we hiked down to Union Station to take a quick look around. My calf muscles are still paying for the return uphill hike to the car 🙂

After a huge breakfast and farewell on Monday, I headed over to Jill’s house to help watch Evie while Doug tried to get some homework done. He’s got a ton of reading and writing to do for his classes this semester, and I’m not sure how he’s managing to fit it all in. Figured I would do my part to help. Evie was cute as ever, even going down for her nap with minimal fuss. Jill and I had a photo shoot — figured it was time for 5 month belly pics, heh. I also brought her a little present — an old webcam that James and I bought and don’t need anymore. I figured if there’s a good chance we’re moving to DC (his interview’s on Thursday, and there’s a chance they may even offer him the job that day, yikes!), then it would be fun for Jill to get on Skype so I can see how Evie’s getting bigger and more ornery. It’s funny to ponder that Evie might meet her cousin online before she meets him or her in person.

Oh, and Evie did the most hilarious thing. I was downstairs with her and Doug, and Escape from New York was on TV in the background. Suddenly, Evie looks at the TV, sees a grizzly Kurt Russell, and proclaims, “Daddy!”. Minus the eye-patch, I think she was spot on.


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  1. Love the bump! 🙂

    You’re such a cute little pregnant girlie. 🙂

    Speaking of ornery little girls, my daughter is currently emptying the recycling bin into the kitchen floor… I’m sure there was more I wanted to say here, but I have to go fix the mess she’s creating! 🙂

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