Birthday Wrapup, a cool present for me, and new TV

September 9, 2008 at 9:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Evie’s birthday on Saturday turned out great — minimal fuss and maximum gifts. Jill made this awesome butterfly cake, Evie was as cute as ever, and Camden was on his best behavior. Check out the photos.

And now it’s official. That hubby of mine is old. Of course, he’s quick to tell everyone that I’m actually older. But after 30, who keeps track, anyways? I made him a red velvet cake, as requested, and as I was making it, I realized that I’d never actually made a layer cake before. Not that I can recall, anyway. So it wasn’t exactly perfect — more of a mound and less of a cake-shape, and I ended up using the cream cheese icing like spackle on the sides. But no matter, it tasted goooooood.

In other news, Jessaca‘s sister Chance made me this awesome new purse. Is it wrong that I’m stoked that it matches both of the baby slings I have? I’ll probably look like a walking nightmare the first few months after Liam is born, but at least my accessories will match 🙂

Tonight I caught the premier of Fringe, the new JJ Abrams show on Fox. It was pretty good, though I don’t think it hit the ball out of the park. Commercials for upcoming epis looked exciting, so we’ll see if it delivers. Tho, i must admit, I was annoyingly distracted by how much Joshua Jackson resembles an a-hole ex-boyfriend of mine, in both looks and mannerisms. Those of you who knew me in college know which one I’m referring to. I’m hoping this doesn’t kill the show for me. Being an X-Files fan, I really want to like this show.


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