Burn After Reading and Fun Time with Bill Maher

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This morning I went to see the new Coen Brothers movie Burn After Reading. I’d been forewarned by Eric that this was a very dark comedy, different than what was portrayed in the previews, and I’m glad he warned me. Knowing that, I think I could really appreciate the humor, which was subtle, and in some places, rather uncomfortable. I wouldn’t rank this movie up there with Coen Brother classics Raising Arizona, Fargo, or O Brother, but it was still entertaining. And a little shocking. I have a feeling this is a movie I’ll enjoy more on subsequent viewings — the same way I felt about Napolean Dynamite. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but after ruminating about certain scenes, and realizing how truly funny they were, I wanted to see it again. (I’m adding this last bit in on Sunday, and already I’m thinking of Burn After Reading the same way). Check out Eric’s review, which I’m sure explains this much better, heh.

Last night James and I settled in to watch Real Time with Bill Maher, a political show that elicits quite a show in our own living room. This is how it usually goes: Bill Maher introduces his three guests, and James sighs, rolls his eyes, and complains that they always stack the deck toward the liberals on this show. To which I reply, “Of course they do. What republican in their right mind would subject themselves to this kind of abuse? You wussies.” And then the fun begins. Inevitably, some hot button topic will come up, and suddenly James thinks he’s the fourth guest on the show. I’m trying to enjoy the banter, James is huffing and whining and shouting at the TV, and I’m shushing him so I don’t miss all the snarky, liberal jokes. While I’m giggling and mostly agreeing with the guests (though even Al Sharpton and Jeanine Garafolo come across pretty wacky to me), James feels it’s his duty to “set me straight.” Right, dear. Yes, I’ll admit, you do bring up some valid points. But until the conservatives can shake that crazy Christian fundamentalist base, there’s no way in hell I’m ever voting one of them in. And now that Sarah Palin is on the ticket, a far cry from Hillary Clinton, and a woman whose policy decisions and beliefs actually make me fear for the future of our country, there’s no way James and I will see eye-to-eye this election year. Sigh….guess we’ll be canceling each other out at the polls yet again this year. Go Obama!


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