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That boy is always keeping me on my toes! Right now James is in Nebraska attending a week-long conference on, hmmmm, well, whatever it is that he might need to learn. He called me yesterday with big news — he got a call about a job in LS at The Cave, and he went ahead and did the phone interview. This was a job that initially he had reservations about — he had heard that the positions were new, and they would be heavily scrutinized by the guys upstairs, so to speak — but he came away from this interview very excited about the actual job. Rather than pushing papers for the fraud department, this job is in the intelligence division, and he would be working as an analyst. He’d be working cases along with the FBI, CIA, and other such acronymed government agencies. They told him they’d be making their decision in the next few weeks, and James thought the interview went very well.

James had more news, of course. He was notified that he made it on the list for a job in the Training Division in DC, which is the one he was the most excited about. The timing on this one would likely not work out for a move this fall, but there’s a chance if he were to get this one, he’ll want to move sometime after Liam is born.

So, here’s how things stand:
1. He interviewed for a supervisor position in LS, and he expects to hear about that one this week or next. We’re 90% sure he got this one, but he considers it his fall back if nothing else comes through. It would look good on his resume to have supervisory experience, but the job only lasts 2 years.
2. He interviewed for a job in Fairfax, VA a couple weeks ago, and he’s hoping to hear from them in the next couple of weeks. He’d rather take this this job than the supervisor job.
3. He interviewed for the analyst job at The Cave yesterday, and we should know by beginning of October if he got that one. He’s considering taking this one over the Fairfax job if they are both offered.
4. He’s on the list for the training job in DC, a district office job in Alexandria, VA, and I believe he has yet to hear about an application he put in for international ops, which is a long shot. All other jobs he applied for this year have either been filled or canceled.

I’m still pushing for us to stay in KS, at least until next year. I guess we’ll see how things shake out.


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