TV this Week, a political debate, and James buys golf clubs

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It’s premiere week for the networks, and my DVR was working overtime to tape my favorite shows. Heroes was my most anticipated, but I thought it fell a little flat. They aired two episodes in a 2-hour block, and the story finally started picking up there at the end of episode 2. I thought episode 1 was muddled and overly complicated, and like another of my fav shows Lost, I’m afraid you need a cross-referenced encyclopedia just to get through this show. I like a little mystery, but this opener left me with a lot of puzzles and plot holes. I’ll continue watching because I love the characters, but I hope they can pull this season through. My Monday laughs were much better: How I Met Your Mother spoke right to the heart for me — Ted wants his fiance to love Star Wars as much as him. Hear, hear! I also loved The Big Bang Theory, which I was afraid would lose some of it’s spunk once Leonard started dating Penny, but things are just as awkwardly geeky as ever, hooray! I gave the new JJ Abrams show Fringe one last shot, but after another convoluted and scientifically convenient episode, I’ve decided to call it quits. I don’t want to get wrapped up in another mystery show, and quite frankly, I don’t really care much about what “the pattern” is anyway. My Wednesday favorites Bones, Project Runway and Top Design were all solid this week. Grey’s Anatomy, another of my most anticipated, packed more of a punch than I expected. I was getting a bit disenchanted last season, but I thought this season opener was much better than some episodes of late, and I’m hoping they can keep this up. The Office was absolutely hysterical, hands-down my favorite of the week. ER was like a douse of cold water after the hilarity of The Office — they killed off a major character (Pratt), and I spent the rest of the night blubbering (probably those pregnancy hormones). Until the end, which was a little campy. I keep thinking I’ll delete this one from my queue, but it’s the last season, and I’ve been watching it for years. My as well see it through to the end.

Now on to the debate. James and I were celebrating our fourth anniversary at Pierpont’s on Friday, so I had to tape it and watch it this weekend. I got through about an hour of it last night before I nodded off. What annoys me to no end about these things is how many false accusations come from both candidates. It’s hard to tell as you’re watching what to believe. I found an informative website that breaks down all the rhetoric of the debate and analyzes exactly what was fact. My impressions, having not watched much media commentary yet, were that McCain was slinging the most mud, and Obama was put on the defensive most of the night. Foreign policy is McCain’s bread and butter, and it showed. He kept throwing out phrases like, “My opponent doesn’t seem to understand…” or “That’s naive to think…”, which I’ll admit was probably a good debate strategy for him. I tried to put myself in the shoes of an independent, and I’m not sure if this debate was necessarily clearly won by either candidate. What I took away as an Obama supporter was a clear message from the Obama side that I already pretty much knew, facing a bull-headed republican opponent, again which I already knew. McCain sounded good, I’ll give him that, but I fear that if he wins, he’ll be putting Bush’s veto record to shame, block any progress by a reputedly weak Democrat congress, and push the same Bush policies that I’ve opposed for the past eight years. And although the VP usually doesn’t have much power, I can see Sarah Palin pushing her social conservative agenda as far as she can. Maybe living overseas isn’t such a bad idea…

And speaking of James (who I’m still trying to forgive for switching his vote from Obama to McCain) has started yet another expensive hobby. Golfing. Which I’m totally making fun him for. He bought golf clubs yesterday at Target, thankfully not over-the-top, and he’s been out at the driving range with Travis two days in a row. He says I should come with them sometime. For to laugh. I learned how to play golf in high school gym class, and it was booooooring as hell. Unless there’s a windmill involved, I’m not very interested. Thankfully, he and Travis need to work on their putting, so I might get an afternoon at the local putt-putt golf.


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