The Second Evil Cartoon Empire

October 11, 2008 at 2:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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I was wrong. There is a Hell. And Spongebob is here with me…

When I booked my trip for this conference in Orlando, I tried my best to do it on the cheap so I could convince my boss to send me. So instead of staying at the Marriot where the conference is being held, I opted for the Nickelodeon hotel across the street. I figured I’d save a bundle (about $300)and walk the .2 miles to the Marriot every morning. $300 was worth the inconvenience and inevitable annoyance of walking cartoon characters and swarms of kids.

But then I discovered the hotel was .2 miles across a major interstate from the Marriot. So after a car rental, tolls, and a surprise $85 “resort charge”, I’m really only saving $100. So not worth it. My room is still not ready, so I’m camped out here in the aforementioned Spongebob Hell. Perhaps slightly better than the other Evil Cartoon Empire just down the street (you know the one). But only slightly. A stiff bourbon would make this place more tolerable, but, alas, against doctor’s orders. Sigh.

I feel I must amend my assessment. Yes, the walking cartoon characters and kiddy activities are aggrevating, but my room is actually pretty swank. I’ve got a kitchenette, so I ran out and got a few breakfast provisions, which will be nice in the morning. And as silly as I thought the required wristbands were at first, it’s awfully convenient to have your pass into the parking lot and your room key attached to your wrist at all times. I think if I stick mostly to my room, I’ll survive my stay.


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