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These are words every intergalactic hitchhiker lives by. And they’ve become my personal mantra as of late.

Three weeks ago James was all set to take a position in Lee’s Summit. I was all set with plan #4593-45F, in which our stay in KC was miraculously extended. But, as they say, life turns on a dime. I told James the only way I’d consider moving is if he had a solid job offer by October 10th. He beat me by 3 days. Here’s what transpired: Monday (the 6th), the head of the Immigration Training Division flew in from DC on other business, but while he was here he took James aside, conducted an impromptu interview, and discussed a job offer. In person. We were shocked — for past jobs, he’s been lucky to even get a phone interview. In some cases, he got offered a job with no interview at all (or no real idea what the job entailed.) This was unprecedented. He actually found out all of the job details — he’ll be putting together training sessions full-time for immigration, presenting to local agencies like the FBI and CIA, and traveling to outside offices only once a month or less. James explained our situation, that we had a narrow window in which to move, or we’d have to put the job off until next March. When James came home with all of this info Monday night, needless to say I panicked. It was one thing to entertain the idea of moving, and another to actually do it. This was madness, and if this had been any other job, I would have immediately refused. But this job is perfect for him. He’s been on the road these past six months conducting training in other offices, and he’s been loving it. The praise he’s gotten on his presentations traveled all the way to the top; all the way to the head of the Training Division in DC. And even though James had secured a new job in Lee’s Summit (one in which he wouldn’t be conducting training anymore), I knew that it was only a matter of time before he’d start his DC job hunt again. Tuesday morning, James was formally offered the job — another unprecedented feat. We’ve never seen the government move so fast on a job offer. They wanted him to start in November, or negotiate a start date that would allow us enough time to move. March was out of the picture — he either had to accept the job now, or turn it down. And deep down, I knew the better option. Moving cross-country while seven months pregnant wouldn’t be a picnic, but it beat moving with an infant or a toddler. It beat the constant worry about if and when we were going to move, how were were going to manage it with a baby, and where we were going to live in the meantime.

So, it’s settled. We’re moving to Washington DC over Thanksgiving weekend. In the meantime, we’ve gotten estimates from movers, we’re looking at rental houses and interviewing doctors next weekend, and James is taking care of almost all of the moving tasks. He wants to make this as worry-free as possible, and he understands how much he’s asking of me. The worry is still there, but the words


remind me that this is just a bump in the road, a small part of our lives in the big scheme of things. Leaving KC will be hard, but I plan to come back often. (Yes, I’m going to be that lady who brings the baby on the plane. I suck.) And DC really is a great place to raise a child. We daydream about taking Liam to the Smithsonian to see the dinosaur bones when he’s old enough.

So, yes, we acknowledge that this move is completely nutso, it’s not going to be easy, and we won’t have family around to help us with the baby. But I’m sure we’ll get through it. Especially if we remember to bring a towel.



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  1. I win. 30 people lose. So sorry that you have to move away from family at this pivotal time but I promise to help ease you in and help you as much as I can. Just think if everything goes right we can raise our kids here in MD together. : D See you in a few days!

  2. Well I must say I am not surprised! I was hoping you would be around for the Christmas party…hopefully meet my boy! I am excited for you

    • ops…forgot to say the last commit was from Tori

  3. Awww

    Think you’ll come back into town over Christmas? I’d love it if we got to meet up while I’m back in KC! If not, then again, I have yet to visit DC…

    • Re: Awww

      — Charissa

  4. Alas, I will be much too whale-like for air travel at Christmas. You must all plan some vacations in DC and come visit me and the little one.

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