The highs, and then the lows

October 31, 2008 at 8:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Evie and Jill came to my work yesterday for our office trick-or-treating event. Evie was a-freaking-dorable. I promise, I’ll have pictures next week. Jill dressed her as a ballerina, with a pink and green tutu she received as a baby shower gift. It was still a little big, but that made it even more adorable, watching her stomp her way up the hallways (she’s a walking now!), and tugging her skirt up. It took her a couple tries to get the hang of trick-or-treating, but once she understood, she just flitted from one cube to the next, taking candy and putting it in her bag. Usually by the fistful, which Jill had to put back. Then Evie got the bright idea to start taking candy out of her bag and put it back in random people’s bowls. Then she tried to steal another kid’s candy. All in a hard day’s work, lol. She was quite a hit with the camera lady — I have a feeling some pics of her will end up in our company newsletter.

Amid all that fun, I got a call from my doctor with annoying news. Nothing life-threatening, but not what I wanted to be dealing with right now. James and I are off to DC tomorrow to do some house hunting, and we won’t be back until Tuesday night. Work’s been a big shitball of stress, and somehow I’ve got to fit in a four-hour doctor appointment. Plus, there’s some snafu with my iron supplement prescription I’ve got to work out today, and of course, my doc’s office is closed. Hopefully poor little Liam can go without the extra iron for another week. He’s a tough little one, judging from all the kicking, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Tonight I’m off to Jill’s for trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. I’ll be sure to get lots more cute pics.


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