House…check. Doctor…check. President…check.

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First of all, GO OBAMA! We won, we won! We’ve been waiting for our regime change, and here it is. I can’t wait to see his administration unfold over the next year. This is just the shot in the arm our country needs.

And I’m going to be living in DC to see it all! I remember last time we lived there, my parents weren’t all that keen for a white house tour with Bush in office. But now, we’ve totally got to sign up! Too bad the inauguration is right around my due date — I’d love to be there.

We had a whirlwind of a weekend house hunting. We had a hitch starting out — our flight was delayed 3 hours because of the fog, so we had to move some of our appointments to Sunday. And then my dumbass forgot the checkbook. But all fared well. We narrowed down our six choices to two. My favorite was in Woodmoor, where my friends Julie and Royce live. It’s a very family-oriented neighborhood with charming cape cods and ramblers. The one I liked was on a wooded lot, with a break-taking view from the dining room picture window of the woods. The rooms were a little small, but livable. The only down side — James would have a mile walk to the bus stop on streets without sidewalks, then a 10-minute bus ride, and a 20-minute train ride to work and back every morning. And on rainy, cold, snowy, or blistering hot days, I’d have to drive him and pick him up. Or we’d have to figure out a car pool. All very complicated and inconvenient. The house we ended up settling on was a little more expensive, but it’s only a 1/4 mile to the Forest Glen Metro, just up the street from the hospital, and nearby a jogging/biking trail. There were also two parks within walking distance. The house was bigger — 4 sizable bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, finished basement — and it was only about $150/month more than the other. It’ll be tight for awhile until James gets his next promotion in May, but according to my calculations, we should be doing well while I’m at home with Liam during my leave. We won’t need daycare until late April, and with the raise coming in May, it should cover everything. We’ll have plenty of room for guests — we’ve got a queen size bed currently in the garage that will be in our guest room, and we’re putting the futon in the basement/man-cave/playroom. I’ll also have a proper office downstairs with it’s own little bathroom. Pretty sweet.

Best of all, we’re only 6 miles to the Ikea. On Monday James and I spent hours there picking out some new furniture and getting ideas for eventual improvements. I heart Ikea!!! We also discovered the CostCo, where I picked out my new office chair. We’ll definitely be frequenting these two spots when we move back.

Tuesday I met with a new doctor, who not only didn’t have fangs and horns, but was also recommended by two families we met during our house hunt. So I’m all signed up to start with her practice.

All-in-all a productive trip, and a load off our minds. There’s still lots to accomplish before we move, but these were by far the two biggest. Now I need a nap.


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