Feeling the hurt

November 19, 2008 at 7:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Spent all last weekend laid up in bed for the most part. I think there’s a nasty cold going around, and I managed to catch it. I’m feeling marginally better this week, good enough to have a farewell lunch at Lucky’s Brewgrille and enjoy my #2 burger on the top 10 burgers list. It was a little dry, but still pretty tasty. Unfortunately, this is about the third time I’ve had a less-than-stellar Range Melt there, so I’m disappointed. But the memory will live on…

Last night I headed to The Other Place in downtown OP to meet Candi, Maggie, and Ellen for the last time. This is my week for goodbyes…again. Didn’t I just do this? Feels like it. Thankfully this time there’s hope I’ll be coming back. The last time I moved away, I made it back to KC about once every three months. I may not be able to keep that up this time, but I certainly plan to try.

Tonight James and I are off to the Bristol for my birthday dinner. Amazingly we’ve got most of our move preparation complete. We hired movers this time (thank god!), so we’re going to do a minimal amount of packing this weekend. The movers will finish the rest next Tuesday, load the truck Wednesday, and meet us on the other side on Dec 2nd. Which gives us plenty of time to enjoy Thanksgiving in KC and see numerous relatives along the way. I’m sure the trip will be slow-going. I’m feeling pregnanter and pregnanter by the minute, and I’m suffering chronic sinus congestion and sciatic nerve pain, among other unpleasant third trimester symptoms. I used to tease James that our first cross-country move to NYC right after our wedding was a true test of our marriage. Something tells me this trip will top that.


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