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Yes, we indeed made it to DC in one piece. But between being balls-to-the-wall busy at work, driving, shopping, unpacking, and getting this house livable, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to blog. So, without further adieu, here’s how our week went:

Jill hosted Thanksgiving at her house this year, and I’d say it’s one of the best ones we’ve had. Jill’s turkey turned out wonderful, and everyone brought the requisite yummy fixins. I did get a few pics of Evie being cute and being not-so-cute (apparently whenever Jill cooks, Evie clings her to leg and throws a fit. Jill doesn’t cook much these days.) My parents and grandpa Marvin were in attendance, plus Doug’s parents and Uncle Buck. Quite a full and merry house. A great send off for us, as well.

Friday morning we set off for Springfield, and I was feeling surprisingly comfortable in the car. We went out for Chinese buffet with James’s dad, brother, sister-in-law, and the two nephews. They greeted me at the door of the restaurant in their usual fashion — full tilt, launch, hug! — but this time Ann was scolding them for just about knocking my fat butt over. Little four-year-old Devin was patient enough to feel Liam kick, and we told the boys next time we come to visit we’re bringing them a little boy cousin. I’m sure they’ll be a corrupting influence 🙂

Saturday morning we took a relatively short trek to Indianapolis for lunch at my grandma and grandpa Weddle’s house. Leftover turkey in casserole form totally hit the spot. My aunt Marsha and Uncle Ron were on hand, and my cousin Amy briefly popped over to fill us in on her crazy life — for once someone doing something crazier than us! She and her husband were leaving for Abu Dhabi Sunday to live for the next two years. Quite an adventure for them, and I can’t wait to hear how it all goes. I was glad to get to see her and talk about all her preparations…made moving cross-country while eight months pregnant seem far less daunting.

We spent Saturday evening in Cincinnati with my Grandma O. and James’s step-dad, Robert, who drove up from Lexington to see us. He brought me a fancy, schmancy diaper bag — I’ll be the hippest mom on the block! Dinner at one of our favorite Cinci spots, La Rosa’s, provided more comfort food (against my doctor’s wishes, but one can only eat so many salads in a day) I was feeling pretty good, better than I’d anticipated.

But then something happened. Sunday marked the first day of my eighth month, and as if on cue, little Liam settled himself right down in my pelvis. All night I was contending with lower belly cramping and intense back pain, which continued in the car. We definitely hit rock bottom with me crying in a White Castle parking lot while James feverishly thumbed through the What to Expect book to derive some answers. I came very close to searching for nearby hospitals on the Garmin. It didn’t help that my last doctor’s visit didn’t go very well — a larger baby and more fluid in my belly could mean pre-term labor, and that’s all I could think of while writhing in the front seat. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed…namely James’s. He calmed me down, then grabbed just about all of the pillows we’d brought and squeezed them in all around me. I rode like this, hardly moving and in slightly better comfort, until we stopped somewhere in West Virginia. We drove through rain, then some sleet in the mountains, then rain again, so I didn’t get out and stretch much for the rest of the afternoon.

Thankfully, Monday’s drive was a relatively short three hours, and my pillow cocoon continued to offer some comfort. We checked into the Holiday Inn near the Ikea in MD, picked up the keys for the house, and I spent the night attempting to recover. Getting separate beds was a godsend…at least James was able to get a little sleep.

Tuesday I had to get straight to work in the morning. My company set me up with a tiny cube in a tiny satellite office in Silver Spring, which was perfect for my needs. There’s only one magazine in this office, which was quite a change from working in both main Penton offices in KS and NYC. James and I got first-hand experience with rush hour traffic. No picnic. But the office is right by the Silver Spring metro, so I should be able to take the train from our house whenever I feel like I should go. Which, if all goes to plan, will be almost never — the office chair they’ve set me up with is almost unbearable for me to sit in in my present state. I should be able to work from home most of the time, with only occasional trips to the office to print off covers and spreads if I want.

Wednesday the movers finally arrived, and James spent the day cateloging and instructing what things went where. I had to spend all day in the office again — we unfortunately picked the worst time possible in my production cycle to move. Thankfully, James spent most of his afternoon putting together my home office. I took the train back to the house from the office that night, and the walk nearly killed me. I’m still getting used to the 8th month body, and it’s really not fun. It’s also not fun living in a fishbowl — one of the first things we noticed about the house is there are no blinds, shades, or curtains anywhere. and, like, about 32 windows. We have two giant picture windows that overlook the front of the house — one in the living room and one in the master bedroom. We also have windows in all the bathrooms, which face the neighbors. Clearly we had to fix this, and all we had were sheets, towels, and packing tape. So we’ve fashioned some Whiskey Tango curtains in the bedroom and bathroom. And we always thought we weren’t handy!

Thursday I whined and cajoled until James agreed to drive me directly to work instead of dropping me off at the train. I’m so glad I did — I had left my belly band at home, and I could barely make it up the block to grab some lunch. I’m discovering this elastic and velcro belt that helps hold my belly up is an essential accessory now. Thanks, Jill, for loaning that to me! James dutifully unpacked and waited for Verizon to hook up the phone, cable and internet. The rest of my equipment for my home office also arrived, so we spent Thursday night setting everything up so I could finally work from home on Friday. For once, something has gone well — Verizon Fios is the fastest internet ever! I still had some issues working with our network, but my upload and download speeds were incredibly fast, and made up for any other hassles. I’ve got a comfy new office chair, an awesome Ikea desk, and both my work and personal computers set up so I can run iTunes and work without sacrificing my work computer’s performance. (My files are slow to open, and running any additional programs makes it even slower. So now I can turn to computer #2, surf the web, play some music, or whatever I need to while I wait. Much better than my last home office setup.)

So now it’s Friday, finally, blessedly Friday, and I can stop working now. Between the long hours working and even longer hours getting the house in a livable state, I’m dead on my feet. Being so pregnant has made it even harder. But James has gotten much of the house put together — most of the master bedroom, a good size corner of my office, the entertainment center in the basement, and some of the kitchen. We had groceries delivered today, so I didn’t have to eat out today for lunch, huzzah! The new Ikea dishes have been washed and put away, bedding has been laundered and new sheets put on the bed, and tonight I can finally veg in the man cave and watch the big TV with our super duper cable. James bought Wanted on Blu-ray, so I’m sure that’s on the agenda.

This weekend we have a lot on our to-do list, including furniture shopping, but for now I must give my brain a much-needed rest. More blogging next week. I promise.


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