A very busy weekend

December 15, 2008 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I think we’ll be having a lot of these in the coming months (years?). Saturday I devoted to running errands, and I’ve decided that is about the dumbest thing I can do in this town. Traffic here is unreal. I had to take the Beltway to get to Costco, and every step of the way was clogged. Then, when I finally get to the store, it was mobbed, too. I had to park in the very back, which isn’t so fun these days. I did, however, manage to snag some edamame, which has been a good and healthy lunchtime snack. I also bought our very first pack of diapers. The countdown is looming (41 days, or maybe sooner, yikes!), so I thought it was time. Somehow I made it back to my house (that ever-useful GPS got me off the bumper-to-bumper beltway and back home. Best. Gift. Ever.) to drop off the goods, then it was back out again with James to get some stuff at Target and Giant. They were mobbed, too. We’ve decided errands are best run on weekday evenings, or better yet, during my lunch break (when I actually have time, that is.)

We got home to discover the dishwasher broken. Thankfully not leaking, but we’re leary of washing anything in it because water was collecting in the bottom. Our landlord is sending over a new one on Wednesday, so in the meantime we’re handwashing. Just like Brooklyn. But without the roaches.

Sunday I spent most of the day fashioning curtains in the laziest way possible — using kitchen scissors (still can’t find the proper ones, along with lots of other random stuff) and hem tape. The lady at the fabric store insisted this was a very dumb way to make curtains, but I figure I can hem them proper later. Like when they start falling apart, LOL. I got all of the downstairs windows and one bathroom covered with pieces of the drapes Julie brought over, then I started on the most important of all, our master bath, and dammit, I ran out of hem tape. Rather than tape a towel back up there, I just hung up the ragged piece of purple cloth. Very classy. I had to order more tape on Amazon — no telling when I’ll have a chance to make it out again.

Tonight, on the list: Put away the rest of the china, hang the valance I bought for the kitchen, reorganize the pantry, update this blog, help James cook dinner. I’m one for five so far, and it’s already 6:30. Sigh.


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  1. The best time to run errands is early in the AM. Gotta be up and in the store the minute it opens…and on your way home before noon. If you go anywhere after noon you will sit in traffic. Don’t even attempt to go to Rockville Pike or you will want to shoot yourself. Then again 5 times out of 10 at 8:30 AM on a Saturday on my way to tennis lessons I’m sitting in traffic on the beltway so its a no-win situation. We did notice this weekend that there were a lot of idiots on the road for some reason so it was worse than usual.

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