We are never. Getting our couch.

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Ok, so I’m being melodramatic. There is indeed something to sit on in the living room, and I guess I should be thankful to have that. The furniture store called to say the second shipment of the recliner portion of our sectional was damaged as well. I’m telling ya, highly fragile. So presumably another one will come along at some point, and they’ll try this yet a third time. Maybe by 2009 we’ll have a living room with all of its missing pieces in place.

Tomorrow I’ve got Verizon coming out to fix our phone. It’s nothing huge, just the same problem we had with our phone line when we lived in Wheaton a couple of years ago. There’s an AM talk radio station that has a broadcast tower up the street that interferes with every landline phone in the area. The phone company needs to put a filter on our line, otherwise I hear the weather report or whatever political opinions and local news happen to be broadcasting on my phone as I’m trying to sit through a boring conference call. And I’m not the only one to hear it, which is amusing. But not very professional.

I’ve also got new memory for my laptop coming tomorrow, and a technician to come install it. No telling if it will fix my mysterious problems — some blue screen errors, and weirdness with Internet Explorer — but it’s worth a shot. This is just the first step in a set of fixes that need to happen to get my home office fully up and functional. I’m making a trip into the office next week to see about fixing the rest. Sigh. These things can never go smoothly. Thankfully, I’ve been able to work around most of my problems.

Something did actually go right in the Mr. Fix-it department this weekend. In more dishwasher/garbage disposal drama, the little plastic piece that was keeping the dishwasher from working that the landlord, the Petemeister, punched out of the drain, got caught in the garbage disposal. Being renters, James and I know nothing about garbage disposals…just a vague notion about how they work. I called Pete, and he whined about not being a maintenance guy, and could we take a look at it ourselves. Judging from our previous experiences with him “fixing” things, we thought that was probably a good call. So picture James under the sink turning things on and off, using the allen wrench, going downstairs to check the circuit breaker. And picture me on the computer googling “how to fix a garbage disposal.” We are pathetic. But in the end we worked the offending piece of plastic loose. Which incidentally was only caught in there because Pete didn’t fish it out before he left (James suggested he do it, but Pete told him he didn’t think it would get caught in there. uh huh.) This was much less painful than the Brooklyn blinds-hanging fiasco of 2004, so I think we’re improving. Slightly. I made curtains this weekend, too, without a sewing machine, or much knowledge about sewing in general. And they work! In that they are a piece of cloth over the window that keeps the neighbor from seeing us naked. Beggars can’t be choosers.


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