Remembering where I came from…

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Nothing marks the beginning of spring to me like the sound of birds and neighbors streaming in through the windows. I have my mother to thank for that. To this day she throws open every available window at the first sign of seasonable weather. Liam and I were napping on the couch today, and I heard these comforting sounds, punctuated by the traffic on 495 just about a block away. I grew up near a highway, so I suppose those sounds are nostalgic for me, as well. Normally I have a fight on my hands with this many windows in the house open–James doesn’t want any outside getting on him– but with him in Texas, I spent the entire afternoon vacuuming, scrubbing, and repairing windows and window screens. Before you start imagining I’m some sort of ms-fix-it, I’ll have you know I used duct tape. Hey, it’s a rental, what else am I gonna use? I did come across something called Rad’s Screen Tape, which you can only order online. I may decide to give that a try if I get sick of looking at this butt ugly silver tape.

There is one downside to James not being here (well, of course there’s more than one, but you know what I mean.) After all this work cleaning and opening windows, I’m afraid of few might be hard to close. These windows are old, probably the originals. In our many years together, James has become an expert on closing windows, lol.


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