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You know you’ve done it. You’ve watched that annoying Oxiclean guy demonstrate the cleaning power of the product he’s hocking, and for a moment you think about picking up that phone and ordering it just to see if it really works. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. And I want to pass along my “wisdom” to others. So here’s a roundup of products I’ve bought, for better or worse, and how they’ve performed for me.

Rad’s Screen Fixer: I posted about this the other day when i was complaining about the holes in our window screens that our landlord refused to fix. I tried this stuff out — basically, it’s a roll of fiberglass screen with some sticky stuff on one side — and I have to say it worked better than I thought it would. Not only did it instantly fix the hole in the middle of one window screen, but I was able to tape it over some holes in the seams of another broken screen, and it’s holding reasonably well. Certainly better than duct tape, which kept falling off. At some point I’ll need to replace that second screen, but this is a good temporary fix.

Oxiclean spray: I’ve used this on both stained laundry and upholstry with fabulous results. Yes, the guy is annoying, but this really does work.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags: I hate to admit this, but I rarely eat fresh produce, mostly because it spoils so quickly. So when I saw the commercials for these handy little bags that keep things fresh longer, I thought this was my answer. But I thought wrong. Sure, it does keep a few things fresher — bananas, in particular, will keep from getting quite as brown as quickly — but it didn’t perform as well as they claimed. Most everything else I tried — tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, squash — rotted about as quickly as it would have had I just put it in a regular plastic bag. I still use mine for carrot sticks and bananas, but once I run out, I doubt I’ll reorder.

The Sham Wow: We just picked this up at Costco yesterday, and while I haven’t given it a proper test run, I have heard good things. I did test it on the kitchen countertops, and it did soak up quite a bit of water. Where I really want to use it is on my car — after washing and rinsing it in the driveway, I find when i use regular towels to dry it, they get soggy way too fast, and I end up with lots of streaks. Once the rain clears out, I’ll give it a test run and let you know how it goes.

Are there any As Seen on TV products you’ve shamefully ordered and tried out yourself? What sort of results have you gotten?


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