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May 5, 2009 at 2:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
Cam and Liam are fast friends

Cam and Liam are fast friends

Last week I was getting a little nervous. It was our last day of day care, which was less expensive than our nanny, and I was expecting a pay cut. Thankfully we all sat down last Thursday and hashed out a summer schedule and salary that will be more affordable for us. That’s something we couldn’t have done with the day care — we pay for a slot, so we have to pay for full-time day care even if we’re not using it all. So this all worked out. We’re still working out the details with taxes and establishing a FEIN, but even that has been easier and less expensive than I thought it would be. We’ll see when taxes come due how it all shakes out, but I’m optimistic.

And, really, the reward is worth the hassle. Alice started yesterday, and Cam and Liam had a great time with her. She sang songs, played music, read books, fed and cuddled them. She’s very natural with them — she’s got three kids of her own, plus she’s nannied for twins. I snuck out and took some photos of them playing, so cute! Cameron is a month older than Liam, so he’s rolling over and grabbing for things. And Liam has the gift for gab (no surprises there, I’m sure). I supposed it’s a little distracting knowing they’re out there having such a good time, but James did a good job breaking me in all those times he comes home early and watches TV. Back when we lived in our two-bedroom apartment and I worked from home, I got used to having to work while really wishing I could sit out in the living room and veg with the hubby. Now I just shut the door, play my music, and ignore any noises coming from the rest of the house. (The nursery is right next to my office, so i hear lots of crying.) What’s great is I can pop out during lunch or while I’m waiting for things and cuddle the boy. That has been wonderful. Next week the boys will be at Cam’s house, and while I’ll miss having them around, it will be nice to have alternating weeks of peace and quiet.


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  1. So glad it’s working out. You sounds so fancy. A nanny!

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