It started with a poop explosion

May 8, 2009 at 3:21 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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and it ended in tears. Mine, not Liam’s.

This morning Liam had a doctor’s appointment, so I had to get us up a little earlier than usual. Of course, Liam picked 4 AM…not exactly the time I had in mind. He ate well (for once), then we went back to sleep and woke up at more respectable 7:30. I rushed through my shower, got myself dressed, and was even thinking how much time I had to spare, when the smell hit me. Poor boy’s been constipated, so I figured I had a tiny little poop to deal with. But, alas, it was a poop explosion. All over the diaper, the jammies, his legs — basically his whole lower half was covered in poo. I quickly cleaned him up — wishing I had time to give him a bath — packed his bag, obsessed over leaving the house keys in the mailbox for the nanny, and made it to the doctor’s office only 5 minutes late. Woo hoo.

Or not. The receptionist said, “Didn’t someone tell you your appointment was in our Rockville office?” WTF? That’s fucking miles away. I would never have made an appointment there. Then the boy started crying, hungry. I made him a bottle, thinking we’ll be here awhile, when the receptionist pops over to say she can get us in at the Rockville office this morning. I asked her when we should be there, and she said, “Whenever. They’ll get you in whenever you get there.” So, back in the car, screaming kid, I detoured to the house to feed him first, thinking i could spare the time. Then a flurry of repacking the bag, writing the nanny a note, sending work an email, obsessing again about the keys in the mailbox, running in and out to get something I forgot, setting up the GPS (which was still programmed for Texas, fucking aye!), getting three blocks down the road, turning around because in my frazzled state, I forgot to leave the keys in the mailbox.

Finally, we made it, the boy was asleep, all was well. Or not. I was greeted with, “We thought you were coming right over.” And, “I’m sorry, we can’t get you in now.” You have got to be fucking kidding me. She was very nice about it, which was about the only thing holding me together. She asked for some information for their system, including updating our emergency contacts. “Do you have any parents, or siblings, or aunts and uncles in town.” And I’m screaming in my head, “No, No, I have no one, no one!!!” And all the while I’m thinking, “What am I doing here, in this place we can’t afford!? With a husband who’s traveling so much?! With a baby I have to take care of all by myself!? How am I doing this?! How am I even keeping this together?!”

And with that I took my appointment reschedule, ran to the car, and cried all the way home. I thought about calling James, but I didn’t think crying AND driving AND talking on the phone was such a good idea. I pulled myself together enough to face the nanny — she’s a nice gal, and I didn’t want to worry her. And what do you know, Liam was all smiles when I got home. At least one of us was happy.

And as I’m drying my tears, I’m thinking this was a bad day, yes, but in the end, everything will be ok. I got a call last night from a very good childhood friend, Tiffany. Her twin sister is in a coma, and they’re not sure if she’s going to wake up. She went in with an ear ache, and it turns out she contracted a very rare bacteria that gave her meningitis. She had brain surgery, and she still hasn’t woken up. They’re not sure if she’s going to. Thinking about them and what their family is going through makes me ache with sympathy. And it makes my complaints seem downright frivolous. Sometimes perspective is all it takes to calm me down.



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  1. OMG! I’m so sorry you had a rough morning. Ugh. My heart went out to you.

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s sister too. Meningitis is serious. Almost killed a kid in my j school. They had amputate a lot of fingers and toes.

  2. Oh, Mandy! You can’t imagine how many days I’ve had just like that. Especially when we were still in Alabama and it was me and Josh and Shane was often gone between classes and work from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm (yeah, he was home and not traveling, but most days it didn’t feel like it). Or even in the past year when I had a kindergartener, a preschooler with major potty training regression issues, and a sweet little toddler getting into everything – and a husband who was traveling 90% of the time between mid-September and the first week of February. It’s a mess. And some days are worse than others. It gets easier. I promise. And of of these days you’ll look back on that day and laugh – you’ll be a super-mommy pro before you know it! 🙂

  3. […] gone 21 months until his first stomach virus. What a retched morning! I think this even beats the great poop explosion of ‘09. At one point, after our third change of clothes, I was standing with him in the tub sort of […]

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