the First of Many Full Fridays

May 23, 2009 at 1:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I thought I planned to much, but Liam and I had a great time fitting everything I wanted to do in to a very packed day. We started the day with Music Time with Nancy Nuttle at the public library, where we sang songs, danced around the room, shook noise-makers and instruments, and played with scarves. I guess this was a free session, and they offer a whole summer series, but the price ($155/child, yikes!) seemed a bit steep, especially for someone Liam’s age. Maybe next year, if we can afford it. We were able to stop home for a snack before we went back out to go shopping. I had a great time at the Wiggle Room in Bethesda. There was an easy parking garage right across the street. I would recommend taking the Bjorn — the shop is small, and with Liam asleep, I decided to bring the stroller. We fit, but just barely. There were tons of cute clothes, and the most expensive thing was only $12 (for a practically new shirt, cargo pants, and orange baseball cap). Then we stopped by another of my favorite shops, Buy Buy Baby to pick up some window shades. I deliberated on what kind to get — the stick on kind, or the pull-down kind. I read somewhere the stick-on kind were better, and though they were slightly more expensive, I decided they’d be easier.

Back home again for another snack and nap, then we were refreshed and ready to head out to Downtown Silver Spring for an early dinner at Chipotle. Then we sat by the fountain and watched all the kids play. My little voyeur sat quietly and contentedly. I’m sure he’ll have a blast this time next summer. We managed to squeeze in one more trip home and snack, and then we walked to the park by my house for some early evening swinging. He was super cute in his new hat — I shot a little video from the day, which I’ll have to put up later.

Eek, better go — James and his dad will be arriving at the airport, and we’re going to meet them. Let’s hope I don’t hit any Memorial Day traffic…or run into the Rolling Thunder.


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