Holiday weekend

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Liam got to meet his “uncle” Travis this weekend — James’s best friend from KC who came for a visit. Travis hadn’t been to DC since he was a kid, so we took him to some of our favorites eating spots (Matchbox, of course), and the Smithsonians and Spy Museum. Liam was not the best at sight-seeing — we had a breakdown in the Air & Space cafeteria (cured by bottle), and another in the Natural History Museum (cured by diaper change and 2nd bottle). The Bjorn still works great — he even managed a couple of cat naps in it, amazingly enough. But with the summer weather we were both getting pretty sweaty. Even with the seasonable weather we had yesterday. Still, worth it not to have to navigate the Smithsonian with a stroller.

Liam’s favorite game this weekend was babbling his “Ba’s” and blowing raspberries. Feeding him baby food has become hilariously annoying — if I hesitate for even a moment, he thinks that’s the perfect opportunity to practice spitting…even with his mouth full. Needless to say, things have gotten much messier at the dinner table. Inevitable, I’m sure.

I just uploaded some new photos and video at the baby site, so be sure to check it out.


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