Liam at 7 months

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Here’s what he’s up to:

–Liam can sit by himself pretty well, though he still tips himself back on occasion. James and I have been sticking my old body pillow behind him to catch him when he falls.

–He’s more patient about playing on the floor, and manages to turn himself in circles when on his belly. He still hasn’t mastered the 360 roll, but he does seem to be rolling from belly to back more often. No signs of crawling still, but after seeing 8-month-old Cameron pull up and stand on his own for three seconds, we’re counting ourselves lucky.

–Cameron, being a month older, has gotten quite adept at stealing toys from Liam. But now Liam is learning to steal them back.

–I bought him this contraption over the weekend. So far we’ve tried apples and bananas, but he doesn’t seem to get it yet. He chews on it, makes a face as if he’s surprised it has a flavor, bangs it around for awhile, and then chews the wrong end.

–We’ve been working on the sippy cup for a few weeks now, and he finally seems to be understanding it. He still can’t tip it up himself, but when I tip it up, he grabs the handle with one hand to “help” me out.

–His favorite part of bathtime is putting his hands under the faucet when it’s running. When I turn the water off, he looks up at me like, “What gives?”

–He’s making this clicky noise with his tongue, almost like he’s smacking his lips and wanting to eat. We do it right back to him to see if he’ll repeat it, but he’s not quite there yet.

–Liam has discovered screaming for fun. Joy.

–Not only screaming, but lots of sounds — Baa, Daa, Gaa, Maa. Sometimes when he’s fussing, he’ll say, “Maama”, but I know it doesn’t count.

–He’s also quite fond of blowing raspberries, especially at dinnertime. He puts his whole body into it…and i laugh everytime (usually as I’m covering his mouth and trying avoid the flying chunks of pureed vegetables). Got a funny video of it up on YouTube.

–His teeth are elusive — after months of what we thought was teething pain, there’s still nothing to show for it.

–Our portly little man has graduated to size 3 diapers. His buddha belly cannot be contained. We’ve been calling him Kung Fu Panda. (James insists this is also Liam’s favorite movie…though, in reality, I think it’s daddy’s favorite movie to watch when babysitting)


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