C’mon, son!

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Liam, you were so bad last night! Those endearing raspberries you blow while you eat have turned into full-fledged projectile spitting. I ended up wearing your peas. Point taken, peas are off the menu for awhile. Then after your bath, you managed to pee on the toilet from your papasan. If the lid had been up, you might have actually made it into the toilet. Though I’m sure that doesn’t count as an intro to potty training. When I tried to put on your diaper, you stubbornly flipped to your tummy. And when I tried to give you your bedtime bottle, you spit milk in my eye. So this is how it’s gonna be?

I’d had enough, so I exacted my revenge. That’s right, take that…in 17 years when you bring your new girlfriend over and I take out the photo album.

You did manage to redeem yourself a little this morning, mister gigglebutt. But seriously, boy, can I not get 45 minutes of pleasant mood out of you? I know it’s asking a lot to hurriedly feed you, then take you to Mommy and Me yoga right during nap time. You were so cute for half an hour, sitting up and giggling and talking to the other babies and letting me give you a massage. But then you saved your breakdown for relaxation…no relaxation for mommy. Oh well. Maybe we’ll try again in the fall.


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