Whirlwind of a weekend

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Life for me in DC has certainly picked up as of late. My new mommy friends from the other side of the pond planned a fabulous night out for those of us always cooped up at home. We headed to a bar on U street, apparently the happening place to be. We arrived early, thankfully, and snagged a portion of the rooftop bar to stand and chat. Two drinks and four hours later, we tired mommies headed downstairs to sit, and by midnight we were headed home. But I was thankful — I had RSVPed for a playdate at 10 AM sunday, and I didn’t want to be the hung over mom sitting in a crowded room with screaming kids. Hangover averted, I made it to my play date, and it was quite a turn out — probably 15 or so moms there with their kids. The ages varied, but there were quite a few in the 6 – 10 month range, perfect little playmates for Liam. This is a new group I joined, just for working moms, so they’re planning lots of events on the weekends when i can attend. They also want to plan some moms nights out, though I doubt James will go for it. Lately when I leave James to watch Liam, Liam screams the whole time. Some other moms I met today said their kids often times do the same thing. I guess there’s something to be said for momma’s touch 🙂

My parents are driving up from Kansas City tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see them! I spent the afternoon cleaning this filthy house top to bottom — sadly, my only excuse for really cleaning is when we have company. They’ll be here for a week, and I’m sure there will be much sight-seeing, eating out, and playing with a very interactive grandson. yay!

I also have to note Liam’s milestones this weekend. Saturday I was feeding him puffed cereal (so cute to watch him gum them to mush, lol), first putting them in his mouth directly, which I’ve been doing all week, and then he started eating them out of my hand. Next thing you know, one gets stuck on his hand, ends up in his mouth, and a little light went off. Suddenly he’s clumsily grabbing them and shoving them in his mouth all by himself! Then, on Sunday we were playing patty cake, and instead of making fists like he normally does, he splayed his hands out. I called to James, and of course, he replies, “oh, yeah, I taught him that yesterday.” Right, daddy. anyway, this morning I sat him up in the bed after his bottle, and what do you know, he starts clapping his hands all on his own! So cute.


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