My baby’s 8 months old today!

August 27, 2009 at 5:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Here’s what Liam’s up to:

–He crawled two steps, yay! And now he’s acting like he’s never even heard of crawling. Typical.

–Liam’s gotten very good at entertaining himself on the floor. Thank god.

–Still no teeth, but that hasn’t stopped him from eating everything in sight. Except now he won’t eat the store-bought green beans, only the ones I made from Trader Joe’s. This weekend we’ll be introducing chicken.

–If it has a label, Liam will find it. And eat it.

–And he’s talking! Sort of. When he gets all upset and whiny, he goes, “Mahmmmmmaaama.” Last night in the bath, he said, “Baba ba bat!” after I told him he was in the bath. Then it was on to “da da da” just in time for James to come home. I don’t think that counts, but James would love to claim it.

–The dustbuster is scary. But the blender is oh so cool.

–I can’t come visit him during the day because he wants me to hold him now. He’s sticking out his little arms for me to pick him up, and when I put him down to go back to work, he cries. Alice has to distract him. I’m going to have to start getting sneaky when I go to the kitchen for water.

–He has added clapping to his repertoire.

–Alice says Liam “has character”. That’s a good thing, right?

–When he gets fussy in the car, I sing to him, and it calms him right down. His current fav is Baby Beluga.

–This kid is all boy. No high pitched screams (yet) or babbles. He full on yells, grunts and spits like a little tasmanian devil.

Check out more new videos here. And new photos here and here.


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  1. Happy Birthday Liam! We’re so glad you’re here!

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