My Last Day

September 3, 2009 at 5:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

It all boils down to this, my last day. I took a little trip down memory lane via Outlook this morning, digging through emails almost a decade old. Kudos from my boss on my promotion or a particularly good cover design, a funny forward about office pranks, an artful birthday card. Fifty-three messages in my “Important Info” folder deemed completely unimportant now. I had to write that email, the one I’ve read countless times from others on their last day, thanking everyone for being such great colleagues, a wonderful group to work with, keep in touch. I got replies, some heartfelt, some short and sweet. I keep thinking how much easier my freelance career would be to kick off if I were still back in KC, but I also think how much sadder this day would be if I were still in the office. Instead of packing a cardboard box to take to my car at the end of the day, I will be packing up my computer equipment and taking it to the UPS store tomorrow. It all ends with a whimper.

But then, after a holiday weekend’s rest, my work begins. Setting up of the home office, updating of the website, calling and emailing everyone I know to please, please, give me some work, yes? If I need a break, I can play with the baby, who will still be in our nanny share until I can’t afford it anymore. Or I can get a massage, so lovingly gifted to me by my staff. Ex-staff. The ones I’ll still be IMing every day, I’m sure.

I think I might even do a movie day. The last movie I saw was Star Trek, and there are so many more out I’m dying to see. When else am I going to have a chance, while the baby’s with the nanny, and I don’t have to work?

Work and rest. Yin and Yang. Balance. It’ll come.



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  1. For every door that closes, a window is opened…you just have to be willing to climb through it. I’ve so enjoyed working with you and of course becoming friends. I hope your new business is kicking in no time. Your work and spirit will be missed.

  2. We’ll miss you Amanda! You can totally do this, though. I have faith in you!

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