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First step to creating a new business…overcoming the technological hurdles. Admittedly, when it comes to computers, my frustration threshold is abysmally low. My first inclination at signs of Trouble is to drop the F-bomb and hit the keys Very. Hard. Then throw a little tantrum. Now I call in my IT department (AKA James) whose knowledge of computers may only be slightly above mine, but whose frustration threshold is considerably higher. So he’s calmly opening windows, trying different solutions, and I’m standing over his shoulder fuming. Not at him, at the computer. But sometimes I get a little on him. Sorry, honey. It’s a thankless job, I know.

So that was basically our weekend, setting up my home office in between feedings and naps. Harder than it sounds — when Liam wasn’t sleeping, he was crying and hungry. We caught ourselves a family cold, so that didn’t help matters. When Alice got here this morning, Liam was practically jumping out of my arms at her, like, “Get me away from these people!” Poor kid. I was totally ready for work this morning, too. But after I shot and uploaded this video.

This morning, more hurdles. James and I bought a wireless keyboard a few years ago because, well, how cool is wireless, right? Except that it’s a totally piece of shit…when it stops working, and i can only type every third letter, i want to bang my head against the wall. Plus, this computer I’m using — one James bought for its ultra-light-weightedness — only had four USB ports, and the USB hub I have wasn’t working right, either. So I had to make a dash to Best Buy before my head exploded. How nice is it to just run an errand without any explanations to a boss?

With everything properly set up (and a keyboard that actually works, for only $20. Bite me, expensive wireless!), I got my first business call, yay! And I realized what an utter tool I am on the phone. Seriously, did I just say that? Way to sound desperate for work! Nine years of emailing, IM, and one-way conference calls has left me with little in the way of phone skills. Number 43 on the Massive To-Do List: Work on Phone Skills. Let’s hope I didn’t just talk myself out of my first gig.


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