Oh My God, Evie’s Two!

September 10, 2009 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Evie is two!So in all the hubbub over getting laid off and starting my own business, my adorable little neice turned two last weekend. She’s putting Jill through the paces, refusing to eat anything remotely nutritious, and throwing fits when you don’t turn the TV to “Street.” As in Sesame Street. Jill says she can’t wait until the terrible two’s are over, and she’s only been two a week! Course, Jill’s reply is that Evie’s been “two” since her 20-month mark. Oh, well. She’s darn cute anyway. I can’t wait to see her in October!!!



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  1. Cuuuuttee! I really love them at this age. Where they get their ideas, I don’t know. AJ sang me his ABCs in a creepy voice last night, which had Chance and I in fits of giggles. So does that mean you forgot your nieces b-day or just only getting around to posting now? Did you get her anything? I can’t recall what I got AJ for his 2nd bday. This year it was a Thomas train and train case for travelling.

    • Mom and I went shopping for Evie’s b-day when they were visiting. I got her a toddler bed sheet set from Buy Buy Baby that had monkeys all over it. And “Lellow”. It had to be “Lellow”. It’s her favorite color at the moment.

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