A new direction

September 16, 2009 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Last week I saw a Life Coach. She’s a mom I met in one of my numerous mommy groups, and she offered me a free session. She gave me a lot of great networking tips, and got me thinking about marketing myself, and the steps I need to take. She also totally stressed me out! She invited me to this networking thing, and I got all frantic designing a logo around a name I wasn’t sure about and making my own business cards. I felt like a total novice at this thing — “elevator speech”, what’s that? There were two other graphic design people there, both more experienced and professional. And here’s poor little pathetic me, hand-made business cards in hand, not even at this for a week, and stumbling around like a moron. I got more tips from the life coach on the drive back, and all the while I can tell she’s trying to woo me as a client. I went home depleted of confidence and energy (it didn’t help that Liam was up at 5 AM that morning). And that night I realized I already had a life coach. I’d married him. We had a really great talk last night, and while I’m still not certain what I want to do, he reminded me that I’ve got time to decide. No need to feel rushed.

I can’t help but fantisize how much easier this would be had we stayed in Kansas City. James hates his job here, even more than he hated the one back in KC. Moving back (again!) is always an option, but one that takes time, money, and opportunity. And a little bit of insanity. We have that part covered. James plans to apply for some European posts in the fall, so that may become an option, as well. Both of these options give us a little wiggle-room financially — KC for the low cost-of-living, and Europe for the generous government stipend (they pay for living expenses, nanny, transportation, and storage back in the US).

In the meantime, a fellow designer recommended I read Freelance Design in Practice: Don’t Start Work Without It. I’d also like to look at some classes and design school programs geared toward web and motion graphics. And I still need to call the unemployment office. One day at a time.


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  1. Reading about that woman stressed me out, and I’ve never even met her. She’s just trying to justify her own BS job, which completely ignores the element of random luck that has to happen in these endeavors. Only you and James will know what’s best for your family!

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