Mandy Goes Back to School

September 25, 2009 at 9:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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I’ve decided to get serious about this web design career path, so I’m enrolling in a couple of classes at the local community college. I’m hopeful that by the time my severance runs out I’ll be able to offer more lucrative web services…assuming anyone is looking to hire. I have a feeling freelance tends to dry up around the holidays. And the market for full-time work, forget about it. But I have a few promising leads on the print side that may come to fruition before then, and a few more for next year. And once I’ve set up my business with an LLC and printed up my business cards, I should be able to put the networking side of the business plan in high gear. I’m even meeting with an accountant on Monday. La-dee-da!

In baby news, Liam and I went to the annual Tot Swap in Gaithersburg, where I found a heavy winter coat, a toy telephone, some touchy-feely baby books, and — yes! — a jogging stroller! It’s not quite as nice as the one I borrowed from Emma, but for $40 it’ll certainly do. At last count I have six strollers at my house right now. Six! But one is going back to Emma, one is our broken double stroller for the nanny, and one is the new double stroller that I got for free from the Silver Spring yahoo listserv. And one is the snap and go that fits with Liam’s infant seat, which I doubt we’ll be using much longer. Once Liam hits 20 lbs, we need to get him a bigger seat, the one that doesn’t come out and snap into the stroller. So that leaves us with the jogger and an umbrella stroller — and I’d say two strollers is a reasonable number to have, yes?


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