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October 10, 2009 at 10:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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It’s been a busy week in the Fletcher household. I should start with last Saturday’s trip to the Baltimore Aquarium with my KC friend Jenny, who was in town for a conference. Last time Liam and I went to the Aquarium with Steph, Jack and Mira back in April, he slept pretty much the whole time. This time he was wide awake. We checked the stroller as required, and I thought I’d try the back carrier they give out to carry your baby in. I figured it would offer more support than the Bjorn. But after about 15 minutes, it was clear that this contraption was built for taller bodies than mine. We quickly swapped it out for the Bjorn, which I had thankfully thought to bring along, and all was much better. Liam delighted with the bubble tanks in the entryway (in the photo here), smacking his slobbery hands on the glass fishtanks, and waiting until everyone was completely quiet to yell “Daaaa Da!” at the very top of his lungs. That’s m’boy. We ended the evening at an upscale seafood joint on the harbor, and Liam was so well behaved, I think he made Jenny think twice about not having kids. Ok, that’s a stretch — she did compare him to her cat on more than one occasion. Jokingly, of course. (Right, Jen?)

Speaking of baby carriers, our mutual college friend Christie has graciously sent me her outgrown Ergo, her replacement for the Bjorn, which she also sent us last year. We’ve had the Bjorn since Liam’s birth and have loved it so far, but as Liam gets bigger (and heavier!), we know its days are numbered. The Ergo is versatile enough to handle a much larger child…but I have to say, on first inspection, the array of complicated straps and buckles is intimidating. Made worse by the video tutorials on how to use it. It involves a lot of reaching around behind your back to clasp buckles and bouncing your baby precariously around to your back. This is going to take some practice. Thankfully, the Bjorn is technically rated to carry up to 25 lbs, and at Liam’s last checkup, he was 19.5. We’ve got some time.

The rest of this week I’ve been going to a basic web design course, and I’ve decided this is the direction I’d like to take my career. So, while I still plan on picking up clients as I can, I’m going to put the aggressive part of my networking plans on hold while I take more classes, do online tutorials, and learn Dreamweaver top to bottom while I still have the luxury of living on my severance. I contacted the unemployment office, and it looks like I’ll be qualifying come December, so that should help some. I’ll have to apply for jobs, but that’s not an entirely bad idea — if the price is right, and I can pick up more web design experience, it might be the better move for me than freelancing right now. We’ll see….I’m also not ruling out the idea of full-time, stay-at-home mommy, but only when we can afford it, which won’t be for awhile.



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  1. Love the picture! Do more pictures! Be picture crazy like my sister please! 🙂
    And I can’t believe that you had to check your stroller in the aquarium. I so wouldn’t carry a child over 20lbs. on my body. Your back must be killing you!

  2. Love this picture of you and the tot. Keep them coming!

  3. Maybe I will moonlight as a baby photographer! I bet I could rake in the bucks that way!

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