Too tired to eat, I suppose

October 27, 2009 at 9:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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Liam asleep

Last night I had a web design class at 6:30 in Rockville, so I had to leave James to feed, bathe, and put Liam to bed. Enroute, I received this hilarious call:

James: Um, the baby’s asleep.
Me: Already?!
James: Yeah. In his high chair. He took about four bites of green beans and literally passed out. What should I do?
Me: (laughing) Well, first of all, get the camera…

So James managed to wipe his face, change his diaper, and settle him into his crib without rousing him. About an hour later, as we predicted, he screamed himself awake, suddenly hungry. After a few passes with the bottle and crying in his crib, he finally settled down around 8:30. James handled it perfectly. Let’s hope we don’t get a repeat performance during my next class on Wednesday.



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  1. Love it! And so freaking cute. It’s not fair they have to grow up so fast when they do such funny stuff. If we passed out in front of our dinner, we’d be crazy. But on a kid it’s absolutely priceless. Any new teeth?

    • nope, still just the two. he’s been really cranky this week, so the top ones might be coming in. But I can never tell for sure.

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