More Whining

November 7, 2009 at 11:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Hoping that last cute video post will make up for the whine-fest I’m about to spew forth. I finished my last CSS class this morning, and I’m feeling more dejected and defeated than ever. I did my coursework, I took notes, I read my chapters, but I still feel like I’ve only got a vague notion of how to make CSS work on websites. I’m feeling like a very old dog confronted with a shiny, new trick. You want to hear the worst part? Aside from the technical hurdles, I don’t think I could even design a good website right now. It’s like my brain is through with creativity. All I want to do is eat badly, watch TV, and count off the days until Christmas. I want to…neeeed to….start meal planning. James and I are eating so poorly, and wasting so much money. We’ve got some very bad habits to correct, and it’s going to take some concentration and discipline on my part to set us straight. I’m hoping I can devote more time and energy to things like these–I hate to say it, but “homemaking”–and maybe this will help clear my head. Feeling all muddled and confused lately…and whiny, heh.


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  1. make lists lists and more lists.

    Your first list you need to tackle are dinners you enjoy and know how to make…this one you will keep adding too (hopefully) as you find new things you can cook. I also keep a 3 ring binder of recipes that I’ve collected/printed that I can flip through for ideas.

    Second list has the days of the week and your meal slated for ‘that day’. Sounds stupid but I sit down each Saturday and make that list. I look at my week ahead (is Royce working late? do I have yoga?) and plan complicated or less complicated meals accordingly using that first list to spur ideas/memories to help make decisions.

    Your third list: grocery list. Make it according to your meals you want for that week and then go to the store…ONCE a week.

    Done. Easy peasy. Takes seriously 30 mins once you get a good set up. You become less tempted to eat out when you have those groceries on hand and available. And going to the g-store once a week cuts down on impulse purchases too which saves $$$.

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