Dusting off the ol’ bike

November 9, 2009 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Unusually warm November days always entice me out to the trail. I haven’t ridden my bike since Liam’s birth, and I thought it was high time. I had sort of dreaded lugging it upstairs from the basement — I remembered having to carry my bike up and down the stairs at our Brooklyn apartment years ago — but I guess lugging around a 20 pound baby has improved my upper body strength. (Liam clocked in at 20.6 lbs yesterday, the li’l heffer). I take Liam for walks down Sligo Creek, but never as far as I can ride. It’s a pleasant trail, just as woodsy as I remember it being the last time I rode it three or so years ago. The smell of dead leaves and underbrush reminded me winter is on its way. I daydreamed about next spring when I can take Liam with me on the trail in one of those baby bike trailers. He should be old enough by then. And it’ll be great exercise…something I’m sorely in need of. I’m beyond pregnancy weight at this point. Even the post-pregnancy fat jeans are tight. I’m tempted to drag out my maternity wear. Yes. It’s that bad.

Wednesday is Veterans Day, a federal holiday that James has off, so we’re planning a little boy-free date day. After we drop him off with the nanny, we’re going to Let’s Dish to put together some meals. I’ve always wanted to bring someone with me, and I think James will enjoy it. Then it’s out to eat at a real restaurant for lunch (woo-hoo!). Then we’re foregoing a movie and buying Up on DVD instead, which we can watch uninterrupted and with the subwoofer on. Sweet.


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