Where Did the Time Go?

December 8, 2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Wait, what? Less than three weeks until Christmas? When did this happen? Where did the time go? I had all of these plans, all of these things I wanted to do while Alice is still watching the boy. And the clock is ticking. Every day this week I’m imagining how much harder the day would have been if I’d had Liam with me. Yesterday I did laundry, planned two weeks of meals, and made a lengthy grocery list. Then I spent about an hour making acorn squash, carrots, and mango baby food. I sent some emails, applied for the requisite jobs for my unemployment, hung out on Facebook. I tried to imagine accomplishing all of that during Liam’s fleeting nap time. Some days he doesn’t take a nap at all. Boy, am I in for it. But, like all moms who came before me, I’m sure I’ll find ways to get things done with a toddler hanging on to my legs.

Today I went to yoga, then went to see New Moon, which I’ve been dying to see since Thanksgiving. I agree with my friends’ general consensus that this installment was loads better than Twilight. Funny enough, it was my least favorite of the books. But they did a nice job adapting it for the screen. I love that kid who played Jacob — not only for the obvious eye-candy factor (yes, I know, he’s a teenager and I’m in my, eek, 30s. But whatever, I’m not the only 30-something thinking it.)–but I love his character. Bella and Edward are always so deathly serious, and Jacob livens things up and injects a little humor. Books 3 and 4 sort of meld together in my head. Probably because I read them both in a matter of days. I think I’ll reread Eclipse to refresh my memory.

Tomorrow I’m off to the store. Trying to put my meal-planning into practice, and it’ll help to have a fully-stocked pantry. I’m actually excited about getting back into cooking. I’m dragging out a few old shrimp recipes (tomatoes are back on the menu, yay!) and that yummy shepard’s pie I made for the Harry Potter party last year. I’m even thinking of roasting a whole chicken for Christmas…so ambitious!

So in less than three weeks I’ve got to finish my Christmas shopping, design, order, and mail out my Christmas cards, set up my tree, bake cookies for a holiday party, attend a baby CPR class, and possibly serve on a jury. So little time!



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  1. The sweet potato pie was a delish! Thanks for the recipe. Is Liam going to see Santa?

    • I’m on the fence about Santa — I’d love to get that coveted first Santa photo, but Liam is wary of strangers lately, and I doubt he’d sit quietly on a strange man’s lap. James is completely ambivolent (surprise, surprise — I call him Ebenezer Fletcher), and I’m not sure I want to drag him up to the mall and wait in line all by myself. I think this year’s christmas cards will have to do.

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