Happy Birthday, Liam!

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Today my boy is one year old. I can hardly believe a year has passed already, and Liam has grown by leaps and bounds. There will be cake, maybe even ice cream, but not today. We decided to postpone the actual celebration until Grandpa Bob arrives. So we’ll be starting New Year’s Eve with cake and presents, and ending it with champagne. Or, rather, cake for Liam, champagne for the grownups, lol.

Liam’s been up to quite a bit the past month. Here’s the rundown:

  • Forget crawling, this kid is walking! On Christmas Day he made it halfway down the hallway on his own two feet. He still mostly cruises on the furniture, but lately he’s been taking off toward us if we’re sitting nearby. He’s got bruises on his knees from his rocky starts, but I guess that’s the price you pay for mobility.
  • His favorite way to pass the time is to “walk” us around the house. All he needs is one finger to hold, and he’s set to roam the house walking next to one of us. This is one instance I’m glad I’m so short: unlike James, I don’t have to stoop. He’s like my little walking buddy, hand-in-hand down the hallway. It’s freaking adorable.
  • Apparently I’m not allowed to talk on the phone when he’s around. The minute I pick up either the cordless or my cell phone, Liam is trying his damnest to grab it from me. And when I don’t give it to him, he whines and cries on the floor. Distractions only hold his attention for a few seconds before he’s back on his Mission. Exasperated, I usually cut my conversation short. And the minute I hang up the phone, the crying fit immediately stops. We made the mistake of letting him push some buttons on the phone a few times — he loves how the buttons light up. Now when he “walks” us into the kitchen, he’ll pause and point up at the phone like, “I want!”.
  • He started the month pulling toys out of things, but now he’s putting toys back in. I emptied my stocking of all of my Lindor truffles, and he helped me put them back in one at a time. Without pausing to try to eat one. Amazing!
  • I’ve relented on my no sugar rule now that he’s one, and I let him try a little of my Ricotta Cheese Sugar cookies. I didn’t detect a particular preference for the sugary treat, though he definitely ate everything I offered.
  • James and I spent the afternoon cleaning up the basement, baby-proofing and putting up a babygate for the stairs. So now Liam has a proper playroom, and a big one at that. We got him a little cloth tunnel toy, and with a little coaxing we got him to crawl through it. His favorite toy so far, though, is the empty TV cart that he can push all around the room. That figures.

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