New Year Randomness

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I don’t have anything very coherent to write, so I’m just going to bulletpoint some random musings as they occur to me. Here we go:

  • I’m so, so glad it’s finally 2010. Not because I’m anxious for new beginnings, but because I’m tired of saying “two thousand nine” or “two thousand eight.” Finally, I can say “twenty ten” and be done with it.
  • Long John Silvers is celebrating 40 years…yes, 40 years of gut-wrenching gluttony that for some reason I crave on a semi-regular basis. I’ve been hankering for a chicken plank all week, but the closest LJS is 20 miles from here. I thought I had it made coming back from the Baltimore airport today right at the lunch hour — according to the website there was a restaurant not too far out of the way back home. But ever since I spent $70 to upgrade the maps on our GPS, I’ve found it’s actually worse at locating the things I want. It stubbornly refused to map out the particular restaurant I wanted, and it wasn’t worth driving 30 miles out of the way. Never fear, I say to my very sorry gut, which will hate me come tomorrow. Liam is such a good boy at restaurants, I’m planning a little field trip to Fall Church, VA for lunch tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll be dreaming of hush puppies tonight.
  • Speaking of the boy, he really took to Grandpa Bob this week, despite hanging on my pants and fussing for me at almost every turn. We’ll be headed back East in February, and I’m hoping Liam’s stranger anxiety eases up a bit. I love my son, but seriously, it’s like I’ve got a growth coming out of my hip lately. One that weighs 22 pounds.
  • Liam’s been giving me kisses. Wet, slobbery, open-mouthed infant kisses. But my favorite part is the little smile and shoulder snuggle he gives me afterward. Makes it feel less dirty.
  • Tomorrow marks the first day I’m officially the Stay-At-Home Mom. I don’t count today because James had the day off. Although, I really should, since James spent the entire afternoon playing his new video game. The house is in desperate need of a scrub, and I’ve had to devise a plan of attack. Today during his afternoon nap, I tackled the bathrooms and the kitchen surfaces. Tomorrow morning I’m relatively certain I can dust between first and second breakfasts. We’ll see how vaccuuming goes — he’ll either sleep through it, or scream in his crib while I do the deed. I asked my mom how she ever got the house cleaned with a toddler running around the house. Of course, she can’t remember.
  • My New Year’s dinner turned out decently well — the CostCo ham was awesome, the green bean casserole delectable, mom’s sweet and sour carrots totally yummy, and the canned cranberry sauce was the same as ever. But I got a little creative with the stuffing, and it turned out more like croutons. James loved it, so I guess it was a hit. Next time, I’ll try adding chicken stock. Dessert was fantastic — we used our abundance of karo syrup from Liam’s bottles and the recipe we found on the back of the package to make a pecan pie. Actually, I should give James credit — he made it while I entertained the baby. And it was so good. So much better than store bought.
  • I’m reading Audrey Neffeneggar’s new book Her Fearful Symmetry. She wrote my all-time favorite novel The Time Travelers Wife. I’m enjoying her follow-up, although I’m befuddled by the British spelling and grammar rules and her use of ten-dollar words that I have to guess the meaning of by the context. That’s one of my pet peeves with some writers — feeling like I need to grab a dictionary every other paragraph gets annoying after awhile. I don’t remember having to do that with her first novel. The writing and story of this second novel are good enough, though, I’m willing to let it slide.
  • I hate New Year’s resolutions. I really do. And I’ve decided this year to pointedly ignore any attempt to eat better, lose weight, save money, or anything else that falls into the “resolution” category. If my actions just so happen to shed me a few pounds or save us a few bucks, so be it.

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