Liam goes to the movies

January 6, 2010 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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The morning started off badly. Liam was up all night with a stomach ache (which we surmised after two hours of incessant crying, tylenol, baby tummy medicine, bouncing, rocking, and then a resounding burp and all was quiet.). He slept in the bed with me and James slept on the couch. James says he went in to try and sleep in the bed early in the morning, and the boy and I had pretty much taken up the whole space. What can I say? He takes after me. Anyway, Liam was fussy and clingy all morning, and I was thinking better of my plan to take him to the movies. The Majestic in downtown Silver Spring screens two movies just for mommies and babies on Wednesday mornings. I’ve always wanted to go, but I could never get it together enough to go while I was on leave. I figured the movies they’d show would be older ones I wouldn’t want to see, but luck had it they were screening Sherlock Holmes. I figured Liam’s clinginess might work in my favor in a movie theater setting, so I bundled him up, packed up a ton of snacks and a blanket, and headed to the cinema. Liam was quiet the minute we got outside. Fresh air did the trick. There was a little confusion about which showing was the mommy/baby one, so I missed a tiny bit at the beginning. We sat down near the front in case I had to dash out — I wasn’t sure if any other moviegoers had babies. Liam sat quietly on my lap for the first twenty minutes munching on baby snacks and staring transfixed at the screen. Already a love for action films. That’s m’boy! He got a little restless for about half an hour, and I did have to parade him out for just a bit. But then I moved us to the back row where it was much warmer, and we cuddled up in a seat while he took a long nap. I was able to enjoy the last half of the show, and while the thin plotline was a little hard for me to follow, it was still fun to watch all of the action. There were lots of funny lines I missed…will have to catch that on the DVD release. I had to wake Liam up at the end of the movie, and he was none-too-happy to have to go through the bundling up process right after waking up. But on their way out an older couple stopped to tell me how well they thought Liam had behaved, especially for his age. This doesn’t mean I’ll be taking him to any Friday night premiers, but it’s good to know we might be able to do this Wednesday morning movie thing again.


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  1. […] bag full of goodies and headed to the Regal Cinema in Silver Spring for the 10 AM show. Liam’s been to the movies before, but this time he’s old enough to appreciate what’s on screen, so Woody and Buzz Lightyear […]

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