The paparazzi

January 12, 2010 at 9:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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That’s what James calls me. The Paparazzi. But can I help it I have the cutest, most adorable baby ever? I spent all last night cleaning the house just so I’d have the morning free to take some photos and shoot some video. As luck would have it, Liam wasn’t in a very smiley mood today. But he did get very cuddly. Check out the snuggly video and photos of him playing in the living room.

We had a play date with Cameron and Alice today, the second one since we’ve ended the share. I’m so glad the boys are still seeing each other, even if it’s to steal toys from one another and poke each other in the face. And Liam just loves Alice. I’m a little jealous. The minute we get there he cries for her. But that’s ok — when Alice is cuddling Liam, Cam becomes my little best friend. He’s so cute and inquisitive. And now he’s climbing! When I was sitting on the floor, he managed to climb up my shoulders and onto the couch, then exclaimed triumphantly while he attempted to keep going. I think he would have climbed the curtains if I’d let him. Cameron’s a month older than Liam…sheesh, is that what I’ve got in store?


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