The one-month stay-at-home assessment

January 25, 2010 at 1:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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So, I’ve been at this gig for one month now, and so far so good. We do a play date once a week with Cameron, and I usually schedule one other activity per week with my mommy groups on I devote one day to house work (which sometimes trickles into two half days), and we usually make it to the store during the week, as well. And on Fridays we do our Itsy Bitsy Toddler Yoga class at Willow Street Yoga. The rest of the time we play, go on walks, have meals or snacks, and take naps. At first I modeled our play time after Alice, who never watched TV and played kids music for most of the day. But I found I feel completely cut off from the world without my morning CNN, and if I had to listen to toddler music all day, I might just shoot myself. So, I’ve worked out a compromise – I get my CNN fix while Liam eats his breakfast, then I turn on a mix of toddler music and soothing grown-up music on the iPod while he plays and I do some pilates. During lunch I’ll put on an NPR podcast – This American Life, Fresh Aire, Car Talk, or Science Friday. They say Mozart can make your baby smarter…I wonder what the Tappet Brothers will do? 

After a month at this, I can honestly say that my layoff couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. Originally I had wanted to stay home with Liam from the very beginning, but I’m seeing now how much more fun Liam is at this age, and how bored I might have become in those early months. I got wonderful guidance and advice from our nanny, and a built-in playmate for Liam. Every day he’s learning something new and becoming more social with other kids and adults. I’m so lucky, so fortunate to get this time with my baby boy. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Lest you think it’s been all fun and games, we have hit a few bumps. My shower routine, for instance, has been thrown all out of whack. I wrote last week about Liam’s fascination with the shower, and I figured I had a couple of months until he’d be big enough to actually try and climb in with me. What I didn’t count on was him pulling on the tub faucet, tipping himself over the edge, and doing a header right into the tub! Poor lil’ guy was wailing, soap all in his eyes, still fully-clothed and soaking wet, and I’m standing there in the shower trying to get him rinsed off and relatively calm. My friend Candi suggested I try putting him in the shower with me, which used to work for her son. So this morning I turned on the shower, stripped the boy down, and set him down in there. Or tried, rather – he stiffened up his legs and let out a great yelp. I guess the memory of the face-plant was too near. So the diaper went back on, the shower turned into a bath, and all was right with the world. Liam delighted in throwing his bath toys into the bath with me, then chasing them down when I threw them out. So my shower routine is now a bath routine. But, I don’t mind – baths are better for the environment, and Liam is having a blast. And this way I can catch him if he decides to try and pull himself in again.



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  1. LOL! Too funny. I’m so glad you’re able to stay home with him. So lucky!

  2. […] Liam throws toys into the bathtub. He seems to have a healthy respect for the edge, and hasn’t fallen in again.) We brush our teeth. That we do together, and man, oh, man is it freakin’ cute. The highlight of […]

  3. […] because I don’t have to roll up his pants anymore, and he can safely reach the tub faucet without falling in. So now I can take a shower while he peeks in and throws toys over the side, and I don’t have to […]

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