Liam is 13 months old!

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I almost decided to scrap the monthly updates now that Liam is a year old, but he’s still changing so much, and learning so much, that I want to make a note. Here’s what my toddler is up to these days:

  • His hair is growing out nicely from his first haircut. It’s even getting a little curly in the back. He’s sporting his Russell Brand look in the above photo, heh.
  • When asked he can point out his toes and his belly button. We’re working on nose (which sounds so much like toes that he usually mixes them up), ears, and teeth.
  • His favorite post-bath activity, after waving bye-bye to the water going down the drain, is to flip off the light switches. He can flip them off, even the sideways ones, but not back on again yet.
  • We’ve been working on baby sign language all month. He hasn’t done any signs back, but I’ve been doing signs for milk, water, all done, more, and thank you.
  • Liam has discovered the joy of cuddling. Whenever he gets a hold of anything soft, he rubs it along his face and smiles contentedly. He cuddles his stuffed animals, his blankets, and whenever I wear my super-soft robe, I get some cuddle-lovin’, too. The other morning I went in to get him, and he immediately gave me a wet toddler kiss and then cuddled my shoulder.
  • Tooth number six has put in an appearance. The better to chew pork chops with, grandpa Mark would say.
  • My niece Evie was the baby with a million silly faces. Liam is the baby with a million funny noises. He does the usual da-da, ba-ba, na-na, ma-ma. But he also does this purring noise, I know, like a kitten. He blows raspberries all the time, and can even make a good “th” sound. Sometimes he trills like a little bird.
  • The dustbuster no longer poses a threat. But he still has his eye on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Liam has discovered the “off” switch on the TV. He and daddy are duking it out.
  • He’s starting to get pickier about what he eats, randomly refusing carrots for two days in a row, spitting out any fresh fruit except bananas, and turning up his nose at scrambled eggs (one of his favorites!), only to eat them whole-heartedly a few days later. So it begins. On a positive note, cottage cheese finally made it to the “acceptable” list…at least for today.
  • He’s still not walking on his own yet, but he loves dragging me around the house by my finger while he goes exploring. He’s getting braver, though, launching into a few cautious steps between pieces of furniture. He’ll be there before we know it, unfortunately.
  • This kid is so smart. I know, I know, every mom says that. But, as I mentioned before, he can point out his toes and belly button! And when we play the See ‘N Say, he mimicks the cock-a-doodle-do of the rooster (with an “ooo-ooo-oooo”)! And he can put all of the right shapes in the right holes of his shape sorters! We can’t help but brag. 

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